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Hughes Furniture Quick Ship Program Has Grown! 

250 of our most popular styles and fabric options are now available for shipment or pick-up within 72 hours of your order. 

Quick Ship Process 

  • 6 piece order minimum. Quick Ship is based on a first come first served basis.
  •  Orders must be marked Quick Ship and received before noon, Eastern Standard Time. 
  • After payment or credit approval, order will be sent to our Quick Ship department for processing. Customers will be contacted with pick up or delivery information.
  • Quick Ship orders must be picked up within 5 business days of processing paperwork or order will be returned to stock. 

Call your HFI Hughes Furniture representative for current quick ship products. 

Item Available QTY Available Date Fabric Style
4200ICSL22 7 Feb. 28th, 2024 Becker Granite New
4200 Cuddle Sleeper
4200IQSL22 5 Feb. 28th, 2024 Becker Granite New
4200 Queen Sleeper
4200IRSL22 2 Feb. 28th, 2024 Becker Granite New
Regular/full sleeper
4400T01 30 Feb. 28th, 2024
4400 Mirror Leg Tables
4600LS01 47 Feb. 28th, 2024 Stoked Ashes
4600 Loveseat
4600S01 59 Feb. 28th, 2024 Stoked Ashes
4600 SOFA
500RCL45 17 Feb. 28th, 2024 RckyRd Chestnut
500 Rocker Recliner
500RCL46 24 Feb. 28th, 2024 Rocky Road Marine
500 Rocker Recliner
500RCL60 19 Feb. 28th, 2024 Lewis Expresso
500 Rocker Recliner
500RCL61 18 Feb. 28th, 2024 Lewis Smoke
500 Rocker Recliner
53016APRCSP01 0
Armless PRCL Solace Plat
53016APRCTI01 0
Armless PRCL Tanner Iron
53016CONSSP01 0
Console Solace Platinum
53016CONSTI01 0
Console Tanner Iron
53016CRNRSP01 0
Corner Solace Platinum
53016CRNRTI01 0
Corner Tanner Iron
53016LFPRCSP01 0
L/F Pwr RCL Solace Plati
53016LFPRCTI01 0
L/F Pwr RCL Tanner Iron
53016RFPRCSP01 0
R/F Pwr RCL Solace Plati
53016RFPRCTI01 0
R/F Pwr RCL Tanner Iron